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Jul 8, 2023
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Cleveland, OH
Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy 400 royals from apache and I need advice on storage. Anyone know of any reliable open-faced racks that will comfortably fit 43mm's? Also could use any recommendations of cases. Thanks!
I ended up reading about the Apache Cases on the forum as well. Bought the 4800 model on sale for $39.99 at Harbor freight. I originally set it up for 800 Royal Chips (2 rack stacks), but ended up with 1200 chips and run it 3 rack stacked with the top rack open. The foam on top holds everything snug, protected, and it all fits very well.

Apache 4800 Case
Apache Poker Royal 43mm Chips
Copag cards, A-Plus cards, Dealer buttons, cut cards all fit nicely.

With how much the chips weight, a hefty case like this is MUCH better than the aluminum ones. The handles don't feel like they will snap and drop 1200 chips on the floor (had that happen with the cheap 1000 chip sets!)


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