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For Sale Storage Clearout Sale #1 (mostly Paulson) - Las Vegas and Nevada chips (1 Viewer)

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May 16, 2017
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Welcome to my Storage Clearout sale. In the search for my "perfect" sets, including my Paulson $1s set (https://www.pokerchipforum.com/thre...shed-pot-pron-thread-of-pcf.1331/post-1938780 :)), I've gathered quite a few spares/extras and they've just been sitting around in storage. I don't plan on using these extras, so they really should be released into the wild for others to appreciate.

So here's the scoop on this sales thread:
  • This is a "dibs" sale for individual chips, but please read on for caveats
  • Place dibs for this thread's chips in this thread please
  • Minimum order is $25, racks are not included
  • All chips will *only* be sent via USPS Priority mail, so please plan on $11/$17/$23 for small/medium/large boxes in the US (looks like prices just went up???)
  • Sending to US and Canada addresses only (sorry), but again, plan accordingly for Canada priority (looks like $31/$57/$74 :oops:)
  • Payment via PayPal F&F
  • Have (or will have within a day) multiple "For Sale" threads, and most likely, multiple lots within each sale thread. I will combine shipping across all sale threads and lots (I will notate "Last Sales Thread" in my last thread post)
  • Close Date: Wednesday 10/12 at 9pm Pacific
  • Larger order dibs ($-wise) will override smaller order dibs.
  • Also available: first with "Buy the Full Lot" dibs will supersede all other dibs in the lot (not sure anyone will do this, but it's an option and winner will receive a bit of a discount)
  • I can provide additional pictures if needed.
  • I'm really hoping these prices are fair - as I've taken many things into consideration. If I'm way off - my apologies - feel free to PM me.
  • Below is a spreadsheet of the chips available, listing price/quantity/denom/condition/CG# (the CG# may not be precise - it's more for design/mold and definitely NOT taking SCV or LCV into consideration)
  • Posting dibs: please clarify Lot, Specific Chip (you can use "Location" # if you prefer) and Quantity
  • ANY questions/clarifications - please PM me.

Buy it all for $1450+shipping



Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 1.51.46 PM.png

Buy it all for $585+shipping




Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 1.52.46 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 1.53.25 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 2.32.07 PM.png

Thanks for looking!


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I'll take 1 each of the following:

#25 - PH small inlay
#11. - Hooter small inlay
#7 - Excalibur small
#15. - Luxor small
#19. - Monte Carlo THC
#37. - Arizona Charlie's THC
#54. - Golden Nugget
#60. - LVH
#63. - Mirage THC
dibs on 1 each of

Lot B, Location 44, El Rancho $1
Lot B, Location 50, Hilton Flamingo $1
Lot B, Location 51, Hilton Flamingo $1
Lot B, Location 55, Hilton Las Vegas $1
Lot B, Location 68, Riviera $1
Lot B, Location 90, Nugget $1
Lot B, Location 92, River Palms $1
Lot B, Location 97, Circus Circus $1
Hello everyone!

Thanks everyone that has placed a bid and/or reached out.

As you can imagine, the 5 threads I've listed is turning into quite an undertaking - but an expected undertaking.

The plan is to probably keep all 5 threads open through Tuesday or Wednesday. I'll update each thread by tomorrow with an official end date/time.

I need to enter everyone's dibs into a master spreadsheet. Will work on this tonight and tomorrow. If get a thumbs-up in your post, it means I saw your dibs and posted it on the master spreadsheet. Once the sale date ends, I'll then reach out to each of you confirming the chips you won and the total price along with my PayPal email address.

Hope this is ok! Any questions, just PM me, please.

Thanks for understanding!
I'm interested in:

Lot B, Location 90, all available John Ascuaga Nugget $1's
Lot B, Location 41, all available Boulder Station $1's
Lot B, Location 60, if available Las Vegas Hotel LVH $1

Please let me know how many are available and I will fill off with #Location 21, NY NY $1s and/or #Location 29, Stratosphere $1s to reach minimum order of $25.
(US shipping address available)
Will close all of the Storage Clearout threads (#1-#5) in two days - Wednesday 10/12 at 9pm Pacific (mostly so I can get every organized by then). Will then send out confirmation PMs along with how to make payment on Thursday 10/13, or Friday 10/14 at the latest, to everyone that put in order requests.

This Sale closed yesterday, and I believe I sent PMs to everyone that placed an order in all 5 threads.

Thank you to the super-fast payers that paid already! Will get your chips in the mail as quickly as I can!

If you placed an order and did NOT receive a message from me, or you have any questions at all, please PM me.

Thanks again!
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