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Sep 7, 2022
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I’m playing low limit at a local Bay Area card room in the mid 2000s. I work in TV and had mentioned to some of the table that I shot the WSOP that year. For reasons I still don’t understand, the guy sitting next to me didn’t believe me and made a point to express his disbelief. I haven’t been accused of lying many times in my life but this certainly seemed like a weird battle for the guy to fight. I tried to explain but it wasn’t worth making a big deal about it, so I moved on.

Not surprisingly, the guy just was kind of an antagonizing jerk for much of the session. I eventually find myself in a decent sized hand with him, bet the river, and look up to the TV. Wouldn’t you know it? World Series of poker is on (this is when ESPN was running about a dozen of the final tables before the full main event, so WSOP was on ALL THE TIME).

I point to the screen and say to him, “Hey look, there I am.”

He looks up to see me in the shot behind Freddie Deeb or whoever, sitting on the dolly and operating a camera, just doing my job. He looks at the tv for a second, then back to me, then at my bet.

“I fold.”

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