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Wanted Starlite Cards Mold Tina Chips Cash Set Wanted $0.25,$5,$25 & $100 (1 Viewer)

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Nov 14, 2014
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Looking for anyone with Starlite Card Mold Cash Chips they wanna sell ( I may have 1 Rack of $1's to trade Possibly)

I already found my $1 Chips I am looking for $5,$25,$100 & poss $0.25s as well

I am looking for the following

$0.25 - 100-200 Chips

$5 - 50-200 Chips = 100 Chips would be Ideal

$25 - 40-80 Chips = 40 Chips would be Ideal

$100 - 10-20 Chips = whatever I can get

PM me if anyone has a set for sale or anything extra they wanna sell off

anything is appreciated want to felt a cash set soon if possible

also looking for a Tournament Set of these as well

PM me thanks

I may have 15-20 $500 chips I could poss trade
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