Splash Pot PrOn Calendar Photo Submission Thread - Deadline 12/15/13 (1 Viewer)

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This one cropped nicely. ;)

There is another format we can do for the 2015 calendar....your month can show 3 pics. One main shot and two smaller ones from other angles, maybe some stack shots too OR 3 different sets that you own if you wish. We'll cross that bridge next year. Pretty neat though. OK... back to work on the 2014 calendar!

3 pics of chips on one page? yup!!

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but we would need a jan 15 pic for dec 14 so the pcf logo? or a bonus pic I suppose?
I rather see the members get free shipping so I did not spend a ton of time with the cover. I had a design idea and just whet with it. I think its probably 5 on a scale from 1 to 10. I hope its OK.

Once you hang the calender up, you never see the cover again until you take it down. :cool:
Next year we can get an earlier start and will have many more options as for as setting dates for special events, member birthdays, etc.

Thanks. I am finished the calender. Will be creating a new thread soon with the link to preview and purchase it.
Thanks again to you and all who contributed. :)
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