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Feb 25, 2014
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Went on YourAutoTrim today to attempt to buy suited speed cloth samples. The sample was only $4.99, but shipping was $13. No chance I'm paying $13 shipping on a $4.99 purchase.

Any other resources/places where you can get a full sample swatch?
That's strange. I got a sample from them and shipping wasn't that much even to Australia.
Capture.PNG Heres my screenshot
Change it to USPS First Class mail. Postage to GA was three bucks.

Unless you're in a hurry.... in which case FedEx First Overnight is only $100.64 :)
You can still use "scottkeen" to cut the price a bit as well.

If you want to look at the chinese cloth, I could send you swatches of the two-tone red and blue from brybelly: https://www.brybelly.com/products.php?categoryId=1122

I've been happy with them for folding tables, but I might go with YAT for a nice feature table that would see a lot of play. If ever have a permanent poker room with a nice table, I'll probably spring for the full custom chanman cloth, though.
Thanks guys, i used the first class mail and got it for $8 total. Not sure why first class isnt the first mailing option

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