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Just received my trays for my SPW dealer/bomb pot, bounty, and show ‘em’ chips. He even threw in an extra tray for my Rounders sample set that I keep on my work desk. Perfect fit and quick shipping. Thanks @Sparkynutz!


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43-50 Rack Adapter now available and prices updated.
These are thicker than the rest of the adapters due to rack nubs overlapping locations.

If anyone needs just one or two, these can be mailed in an envelope cheaply.
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New customer request added to order sheet.
40mm rack adapter to fit like shown.
Top rack half supported by each 40mm rack below.
Sparkynutz Storage Solutions and 3d printing-

 Will be on vacation May 19th-24th and will not be printing or shipping during that time.
Message response will also be delayed.
I am doing my best to fill as many in process orders as possible.
Please message me after May 25th to start or resume any orders not already notified as shipped.
Thankyou for you patience and sorry to anyone who's orders or messages I've missed.

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