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A new beginning
Oct 28, 2014
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Tampa FL
Picked this up on a Steam sale recently, got my character to lvl 6 so far. Had read rave reviews but my experience is mixed thus far. Without having completed it here's my thoughts:



  • Visuals are perfect to immerse you in the South Park world
  • Audio is perfect for immersion as well
  • Plenty of South Park references that you'll know from the show
  • Friends/Facebook thing in-game is kinda cool


  • Game suffers from Console-it is
  • Controls are wonky and can't be customized
  • Quest hangups aren't always clear (see below)
  • Too much fart/poop humor
  • Inventory/Stores could be better designed

Some of the issues I've encountered are doing the ManBearPig quest for Al Gore. It's not clear that in order to continue in the sewers you first have to have completed the Alien abduction quest. I had put all the sensors up and was sent into the sewer only to encounter a "dead-end" where it's impassable for my character, but no clear reason why or what to do.

In battle sometimes you have to press the right mouse button, other times the left, for certain attacks. All the characters have various abilities that force you to mash keys together or press things in certain combos, which seems like the controls of a console game invading my beautiful (and superior) PC gaming platform, which tilts me to no end.

When you visit a store there's too much clicking. You're presented with a bunch of a categories (weapons, equipment, flair, etc) and you have to click a heading to go to that list, then click back and click another heading to view those items. Would've made a lot more sense to just have tabs that you could click, cutting the amount of clicking in half.

Also, there's a lot of "junk" that you can pickup in the game with colorful descriptions that can be sold for cash, but after completing the tutorial it's not clear if you might want to keep any of those items for future use (as far as I can tell you don't need them) and it's also not clear from the tutorial that you can apply modifications to weapons and armor to add special bonuses from patches that you find.

I'm still enjoying the game, but given the reviews I had read I was definitely expecting better. 7.4 out of 10 is my score at this point.

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