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Sep 20, 2017
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New Jersey
I saw this Wynn Dealer Button on sale over a year ago before the Pandemic for $199. It says it is casino used at the Wynn. I was thinking this guy is nuts and no one is buying it at that price. The crazy thing is so no one has bought it over a year later and instead of lowering the price he raised the price to $400 the other week. I looked at it this week and now he has raised the price to $529 without a Make Offer Button. Just Crazy,


I did buy this Wynn Dealer Button for $28 shipped($19 for the button + $9 for shipping) from Rye Park Gaming. Still expensive for a DB and high on the shipping IMO, but I bought it knowing it was close to my limit. I spoke to the owner of Rye Park Gaming and these were bought for the Wynn/Encore right before the Pandemic, but then never used. I tend to believe Ryan because they do buy casino equipment and resell them. Things such as Wynn Poker Tables and Shuffle masters. Also he told me he would of give discounts if multiple DBs were bought. He still has more than 10 available.

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Must be legit, he has actual pictures of the Wynn Casino in his ad :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
It’s just another eBay seller on a fishing trip.
Doesn't even appear to be a legit Wynn dealer button. The "Wynn" text seems too small when comparing to online photos from the casino. Not to mention, the print job appears to be pretty shitty.
That table picture also appears to be the Rye Park Gaming button. So ... $529 for a knockoff, or $28 for the real thing? Tough call.

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