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SOLD Small Hard Rock Chipco Cash Set (1 Viewer)

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Nov 4, 2014
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Vero Beach FL
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These are the only set of Chipcos I have left. I like them. They've been keepers for a long time.
But I've decided I can let them go.
There are 400 chips total. Playable for 10 players but better for 7 or 8.
81 50c Seminole Hard Rock Tampa
110 $1 Seminole Hard Rock Tampa
200 $5 Albuquerque Hard Rock
8 $25 Albuquerque Hard Rock (2 new, 6 used)
1 $100 Albuquerque Hard Rock new

Asking $300 + shipping.
I'm pricing this high mainly because of the Hard Rock brand and because the Seminole chips are still live
(according to http://chipguide.themogh.org/cg_chip2.php?id=FLTASH&v=3426654035)
The fracs are impossible to find so I'm pricing them at $1.40 / chip.

I'm willing to split if all are spoken for (or I might keep the $1s and cash them in.)

$120 shipped for the fracs
$110 shipped for the $1s.
$100 shipped for the $5s, $25s and the $100.
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