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Mar 23, 2013
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I don't know why but for some reason I like these.... LOL


Maybe because they kind of look like BJ chips. :confused:
The guys I play with have a similar set they use for cash games. I like them very much too. Nice colors. Are they cheap?
$25 or .25cent? I think the .25 cent and $5 could of been more different. Would if like the $1k chips to use the .50 cent colors.
A friend of mine has a set, and they are pretty nice compared to other slugged chips. The colour between the $25 and $100 can cause the odd dirty stack, but it's not hard to catch it.

If you are used to 11.5g or lighter chips, you notice the weight, especially if you shuffle them. Price-wise, they are in the $0.19 / $0.20 per chip range, at least in Canada.
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Got these for a local poker club. They're pretty decent for the price. Leaps and bounds better than most slugged chips.

Plastic is pretty hard on them, so they're a little bit slick.

At least for me, the orange on the hundo makes it fairly easy to differentiate with the 25.

Just saw these...even nicer looking IMO than the chips in the first post.

Can't share your fascination. They don't look bad or cheap but not special too.

I wouldn't mind getting a sample set to see how the feel. Looking to get back up set for when I don't want to use the good chips. :)


Yeah, I never understood that. Maybe for a 50/100 game. LOL

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