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Not Mine Slab of Caesars chips @ebay (1 Viewer)

Pretty cool chips. Looks like they could of used the other side of the $20 for the front.

still cool, though. never seen the $5k before.
I just realized that these chips are still in circulation. Wonder if someone will buy it and try to get the chips out to cash them in. LOL
I just realized that these chips are still in circulation.

Yeah, I was thinking about that myself. But I just kind of doubt there'd be a real $5k and $1k and $500 in there. Companies don't sink money like that into tombstones.

On the other hand, the company in question may just figure they'll never get broken out, and therefore it's not actually a cash outlay.

There's $6,653.50 in there, if it can be busted out and brought to Caesar's.

The buy-it-now is $700. Are there six people who want to go in $100 each with me to see what happens? I'm probably willing to go to AC with the chips if we get them out.

(This is not a commitment, it's an interest thread... gotta find some stuff to break out of acrylic plaques to see what happens to it...)
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If you could get them out without damage, the $5k chip may be hard to cash in. I'm interested though. :)
If you could get them out without damage, the $5k chip may be hard to cash in. I'm interested though. :)

I know; I'm going to look into it. I pumped a lot of cards in college, but I was never in Pit #1 (high stakes, at Trump Plaza)... so I never handled the graybies. Had a pair in a rack once (with a center cover), but had no excuse to handle them. Biggest I've ever handled was orange $1k chips, and that was only to make change - not handled in play.
RFID was beginning to take off as a technology, but not yet in common use, in the 2000 to 2002 era.
(RFID goes back way before then, but not in tiny passive-RFID tiny form.)

In NJ, $20k and $25k chips are required to be serialized; $5k are not.

Should probably UV some real chips in AC to get the markings, and then check them against the chips in the arcylic before breaking it out.
Maybe check the craps table to see if they are using these now. Craps table will have $1ks and some $5ks. Wonder if there are primary and secondary of these.
The Septimus Severus $1, Nerva $2.50, and Marcus Aurelius $5 in the tombstone are good matches - I have all three as samples from a trip last summer when I went to every surviving AC casino and won a couple chips. They do have UV markings.

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Like I said, these have been for sale a good while, the idea of getting the chips out is not new. Pretty sure it can't be done without destroying the chips, or they certainly would have sold by now...

And by a good while, I mean years. Anyone looking to buy will get them for 500 bucks, bin would be overkill.
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I did a little more digging, it seems two plaques like this one were sold in the last few months on eBay, as well as another version with notched chips (both versions were from 2002). I believe these chips are the real deal, but find it very unlikely you'd be able to get them out and cash them in. These have been around a good while, so had anyone figured out how to get the chips out, auctions like these would not last very long. :rolleyes:

The recent sales all ended with accepted offers, so not much help on figuring out the going rate.
The first thing you do is run that through a band saw and section of the cheaper chips and practice on those....maybe run a singled out chip through the band saw vertically and get close as possible to the face of the chip...put in a vise....heat with heat gun and use a good exacto to try and separate an edge?

Oh hell...the challenge sounds like fun.
I don't think the acrylic will be bound to the chips. I think it will come right off, you just have to be carful not to mar the chips when cutting the acrylic.

Acrylic melts at 160 C - 320 F - you don't want to expose the chip and the inlays to that kind of heat, so I think heating is too risky.

I may have some sample $1 chips cast into acrylic in order to experiment...
My proposed plan:

1. Pool of degenerates put in $100 (or so) each for shares in the project & buy the item.
2. We UV-check the chips for authenticity.
3. We case $1 chips into acrylic to experiment with removal & effects.
4. If numbers 2 or 3 turn out badly, I list the plaque for sale on eBay and we re-distribute the money.
5. If we expect to get real chips out, we try to get them out. Detailed plans to be shared/discussed with the pool
6. I have a plan to redeem them that will also be shared/discussed with the pool.

PM me if interested; I'm in for $100 and will handle the testing, work, and redemption. I have high confidence that we will either resell the plaque for purchase price, or at least get $653.50 redeemed. I'm finding out more about the viability of cashing in the graybie.

Worst likely case: we end up re-selling the plaque and are out the fees.

Worst possible case: we agree to break it open, and chips are damaged - or the chips are confiscated and we lose the up-front cash.
If the acrylic was melted to liquid state (320F, according to Mental) and poured into a mold, I suspect that the chip inlays are totally bonded to the encasing material. The chips themselves are likely to be deformed in some way, if exposed to that kind of heat.
Good point; the inlay itself has a plastic surface that melts with heat and takes a mold texture. That suggests it might bond to the acrylic if heat is used to take it off...

But acrylic is a cast resin. I don't know what heat (if any) they use to cure it, but they don't take it up to melting point. Researching...
Heat may or may not have been used in the curing... in the casting of tombstones like this, it's unlikely they heated or annealed it, as it doesn't need particular strength. But the reaction that makes the liquid polymerize will, itself, release heat - the question is, how much?

I have a very good method in mind for breaking the coins out, but much will depend on whether the inlays are bonded to the acrylic, or not...
$100 to win $1300...

If they are indeed all real chips and they can be released from their tomb without damage one would think we are guaranteed a chop plus a little salad, a few outs to triple our stack and a one outer to scoop for $1300 each.

If we believe the chips can be removed in tact I'm in for a hundo
Now I'm tempted to bid just to save the plaque from destruction. :(
Here's a pic of the other version with notched chips for comparison. It also has a faux marble backing, and the text is in black instead of gold. I have no information to whom either version of the plaques were given (auctions claim VIPs/execs). Why notch these chips and not the others, your guess is as good as mine...

I think that it is impossible to get the chips without damaging them ...
chips are heated to high temperatures and 100%, they stuck to the acrylic. They even cling to each other, at 100 * c ... :) (from personal experience)
I also think that the second version (bitten chips) came after attempts of theft of these chips, factory employees ...
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