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Apr 5, 2013
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So on the list of stuff I want to add to my poker set up this year is a shuffler I was looking at getting a shuffle tech st 1000 does anyone own one or have any thoughts about shufflers in general or this on in particular
I think it would be cool to have one but not practical if you didn't have a designated dealer. If its on a cart you'd have to move the cart around so people could use it and if its built into the table have a spot where everyone can reach it and not have it get in the way of chip stacks, splashed pots, cards, etc.

Also there in the time factor. By the time someone loads them into the machine to shuffle you could pretty much be done shuffling by hand if you are a decent shuffler. Way around this would be two decks so one deck is shuffled while the other is in play etc I guess. Alternatively you use two decks and have the person behind the dealer shuffle the next deck. That's how we do it in the bar league I go to sometimes.

If I had a ton of extra money I'd put one in a table just to have it but I don't know how often it would get used.
I was thinking of putting it in a small cabinet on wheels. Then I would be a dedicated dealer. We would only use it for cash games. I didn't think they were to bad for price
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If you get it, I would prefer it in the cart to the table. Mine is in my table and I wish I could go back. You will find that it's a pretty constant distraction if you are playing, getting the cards shuffled, and dealing every hand. If you are willing to do this for your players more power to you. Ultimately I wish I could trade mine in for its value in chips!
I've never seen a shuffle tech in person. The shuffle masters in a casino are the best, but for thousands there's no way. The reviews on Shuffletechs are so-so. Makes it a difficult to spend that kind of money.

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