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Josh Kifer

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Jul 21, 2017
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So, making this for transparency and to make sure everyone who uses my services (for the immediate, and long term) gets my process.

In the last year, I have received alot more long term and Hot Stamp order projects. I am happy to assist with these, but they are going to be on my time frame when put in the Queue.

I'll always be up front with there they are at, but in the end, I am a one man show and can only dedicate so much effort into them per week. Also, general Milling and immediate need projects will always take precedent to long term projects, as they immediately fund this venture and hobby.

It doesn't mean I don't care or are pushing anyone off, it just means I'm riding the line between sanity in life and the insanity of chipping.

I have a massive stamp order I gotta do by 1st week of Christmas, due to some gifts needed the stamps. So I promise I'll get some of these wrapped up soon.

Any concerns or worry's, always PM me and I'll be happy to chat.
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