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Mar 31, 2013
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sf bay area
Hi everybody,

Found this site through chiptalk and a very tempting mardi gras v.2b set that I let go on eBay. I started out with some china clays (da vinci) and then fell in love with the bright colors of the Paulson World top hat and cane chips. I've got 1000 of those and 500 more coming from Apache for my cash set...including a new NCV hot stamp to match that hasn't been made yet. Casino Paulsons are on my mind though...

If anyone in the san francisco bay area has a micro cash or tourney game going on, let me know! I'm in Dublin.

Welcome to the fun! :) I used to own the Paulson Worlds, loved them, great chips.
Welcome. You can get new casino Paulsons on eBay right now for cheap! .60 a chip. Check out the last of the Terrible's that the Chip Room is selling. If you don't mind mixing Primary and Secondary chips, and or St Jos, MO and Lagrange, MO Terrible's chips, you can get all brand new chips.

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