Vendor Sale SET of 22 $5 Poker Hall of Fame Chips from Binions Horseshoe LAS VEGAS NEVADA - UNC - Serialized (1 Viewer)

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Nov 1, 2014
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Brea, California
SET of 22 $5 Poker Hall of Fame Legends Chips (43MM) from Binions Horseshoe LAS VEGAS NEVADA - Mint - New - Set is Serialized

This Image shows set 147 - All chips have that number on one side of the chip and the HOF Player on the other. I have other serial numbers available in the same 22 chip set and same condition.

See image for HOF Players included in this set.

Selling by the Lot - $120 Lot or best offer


Small Flat Rate shipping IN USA = $10

I am not aware of the current market value on these chips so I have priced them on the higher side I think, any Reasonable offer will be considered.
Please make all offers through Private Message.

No offer is accepted until I confirm it in a private message to you and post it in the listing.
I reserve the right to accept any offer that best suits my interests. I also reserve the right to decline any offers that are not in my best interests.
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Thank you! That is good to know. This is a serialized set so I don’t know how much of a difference that makes or not. All 22 chips have the same serial number on them.

Yeah I sold several serial sets. Full set should be 24 chips. Not sure which ones you’re missing. Also there is two different “one” chips. The serial number says “one”
There is two other players listed in the chip price guidebook. I don’t remember who they are off the top of my head that are missing, but I’ve never seen a 24 piece set anywhere in fact the tubes that they come in hold 22 chips.

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