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Nov 7, 2014
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I've been thinking about a set commemorating the Streisand Effect.

For those unfamiliar, the phenomenon was named for an incident in 2003. As part of the California Coastal Wetlands Project (studying coastal erosion), photographers took 12,000 coastline photos and made them publicly accessible on the internet. These included many coastal homes, including Barbara Streisand's.

In an effort to protect her anonymity and privacy, Streisand's lawyers sued to have the photographs containing her home removed. The internet responded by putting photos of her house everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And prior to this, nobody cared. Her home was not labelled in the photos.

When the attempt to hide or suppress something causes it to be dramatically more widely seen, it's called the Streisand Effect.

This chipset would memorialize several notable incidents. Each denom would commemorate a different one, but I haven't decided on denoms. I'm looking for suggestions.

These are definitely on my list:

Streisand's Malibu Home
A Burning Galaxy S4 Phone
The AACS key. ("The most famous number on the internet." Gotta find an interesting way to portray a long number- perhaps 09 F9.)
The Interview. (I picture Rogen & Franco's profiles, just as on the cover of the film.)
The cover of the upcoming Je Suis Charlie.
Never Seconds. (Not sure what image to use; perhaps just text? A photo of a little girl is creepy.)
Kirby Delauter. (Definitely want the name on the chip. Don't care about the face.)

Other suggestions? Anybody think it's a terrible idea? Great idea?
Talk about an obscure chip set theme. I like it!


Beyonce's terrible pictures at the Superbowl.
Tom Cruise's Scientology Video
I must be so far out of the loop, that I have never heard of the "Streisand Effect" until today. I also had not heard of 3 of your 7 themes until today, and I did not know that the phone story was being suppressed.

I'm going to have to give it a thumbs down as a chipset idea, but thank you for tuning me in to the "Never Seconds" blog story.
I did not know that the phone story was being suppressed...

Yeah, if I recall, someone posted a video of their burned Samsung phone. In response, Samsung offered to send them a new phone - but only if they took down the video. So the user put up a new video with the letter asking for the original to be taken down... which, as you might expected, resulted in a tremendous number of video views and blog coverage.

I'm going to have to give it a thumbs down as a chipset idea, but thank you for tuning me in to the "Never Seconds" blog story.

I knew it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea... I'm glad you got something out of considering it, though! Thanks for the feedback.

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Talk about an obscure chip set theme. I like it!


Beyonce's terrible pictures at the Superbowl.
Tom Cruise's Scientology Video

Thansk. Not familiar with either of these, will be looking them up...
This is beyond original. Am very curious as to how you will execute it though.
Beyoncé pic is a must.


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I hope I'm not alone when I say I am completely lost here. Regardless, I love original ideas for custom sets that the owner loves. Good luck :)
This is beyond original. Am very curious as to how you will execute it though.

Well, for starters, I can't see doing it any other way than ceramics. Beyond that, it's all in the air.

I'd love to find some examples that predate the eponymous Streisand incident. I'm sure they exist.

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Hmmm...the colours of the internet "free speech" flag ( look like they would make nice base colours for a set...

Nice. If not colors for the set, then definitely for that chip... And then the AACS code around the rolling edge... probably in hex, but I'm not against trying to fit 128 one's and zero's around the edge.

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Beyoncé pic is a must.

I'm surprised to have completely missed this meme... but I'm definitely getting some lulz catching up with it.
I guess you could also include Wikileaks. If the US government hadn't fought it so hard it probably would of died off as a whack-a-doodle conspiracy theory website.
Most...all of these topics don't deserve to be immortalized on a chip IMO. I foresee players at your game asking "why is there a picture of a burning cellphone on your chips?". You telling the "interesting" story behind it, while your players tilt their heads saying "ok?". It's like telling a joke to friends and only you laugh at the punchline.

The reasons I don't put pics of things I really like on chips is because usually a 3-8 other people will be using them with me and I have a feeling most won't have the same appreciation about it, which will just create more awkward conversations, more tilted heads and less joy for everyone.

Also, you can kiss a lot of retail value good-bye with a lot of these ideas. You won't even be able to publish a photo of one of them. Put them on craigslist and get a friendly email in broken English asking for your address. No one will give a shit about Charlie Hebdo or the movie The Interview in a few years just like no one gives a shit about Beyonce, Tom Cruise, Never Seconds or Kirby Delauter.

Choose a theme that, like hall of fame poker player, has withstood the test of time and won't seem hokey or irrelevant once it's no longer on the front page of Reddit.

Think of it like a brand. All the greatest chips that have been created that we see. They are all imaginary clubs, casinos and game rooms. Then there's the occasional chip that has the owner's name on it, or a fucking picture of their kid or pet. Like seeing a bad PokerStars avatar, you cringe, but unlike the avatar, you can't right click/block image. Nope, they're on the chips that you'll have to show your friends every frigin home game. They'll cringe and wish they were playing online so they could right click/block image.
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I appreciate your point of view, Motels, but I disagree.

I love a classic chip set, but seriously, how many more fantasy casinos do we need? There are more custom chips and fantasy casino chips in people's homes, collectively, than in most of the small casinos on which these fantasy chips are modeled. The chip trade should not be restricted to a particular niche. I love the kitschy appeal of a semi-tacky design from a classic off-strip casino as much as the next guy, but I don't think all chip sets should be limited to that.

And there are certain elements that I see over and over in popular chip sets which, quite honestly, I despise. I can't abide a poker chip that says, "Poker" and "Chip' on it. I'll also never buy cards that say "card" or a table with the label, "Table." I understand where these come from, and I understand disliking them is a personal tic. And you're free to dislike my Streisand Effect set.

This isn't for retail or a group buy - it's not my One True Chip Set. It's just a theme for one custom-printed chip set I'd like to make, to have in my collection. I, and my friends, would enjoy it.

And I think these events should be memorialized. As Churchill said, those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. This turns out to be true, even for recent history. This particular theme also speaks to elements of free speech and libertarianism which appeal to many.

Personally, I travel in circles that would recognize most of these incidents of the Streisand Effect. I recognize 09 F9 on sight. Apparently, so do many historical figures:


But seriously, I don't know all the incidents. I was clueless on the Beyonce pics. CO0LHand and Stocky turned me on to that. And I loved it. They probably haven't seen one or more of the others on the list. I think there's enough curiosity here to help me round out the set.

I'm hoping people chime in with strong examples of the effect from the pre-internet era. I know such examples exist, but the degree of whiplash in the post-internet era is just dramatically larger. If I can't get a better example, I might go with something from the Tridentine Index of Banned Books.

Ideas, anyone else?
Hey now, if your pet is a staple at every single poker game you host and people love him it's a natural for a set! Right Berg? :D

Banning books is pretty pre-internet versions of these things. Grapes of Wrath was one that I remember learning about in school.

Here's a list, this might make a really interesting set actually basing it on a literary theme of sorts.
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Well, I'll be damned... That is a fine logo.

The logo is the coat of arms of Pope Pius IV, rather than being specifically tied to banned books in particular. It was also used by the other three Medici popes during their reign.

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