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Mar 16, 2016
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That basicly is the set I designed even down to the spot color on most of them.
Details plz
Denom and quantity breakdown? Price?? ...?

Over 3800pc One of a Kind Custom Ceramic Poker Chip Set.

Perfect amount of chips for up to 8 tables.
Unique chip for game security.
These chips are from a closed Poker Club in Houston.

750 - $25
1500 - $100
400 - $500
525 - $1,000
450 - $5,000
200 - $25,000

Clear Trays not included.
Starting at $1.000, BIN $1.400 ($0.26 - $0.37/ chip).
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Lmk if it's split into reasonable size sets. I have no use for that many.
Sorry, I thought I posted the link. fixed.
I forgot to ask who made them. They also had a large Ceramic cash set as well of 8k chips so I would assume that the sets were both made in China.
Im currently not interested in splitting them up.
They are currently not clean, but they will be washed in my ultrasonic cleaner this weekend.
New to eBay? Zero feedback.
If legit and anybody wants to split lmk, I'd be willing to facilitate and ship the split.
Not saying you don't. Just found it odd along with the 1 day quick listing. Probably would get more bidders listed from the other eBay account unless that's not an option.
Just noticed the listing says free shipping but only mentions local pickup further down and no actual shipping options. Guess I'm out. GLWS
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