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Jun 24, 2017
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Houston, Texas
Wanted some feedback on this potential poker event/structure – curious if it has fatal flaws or things I’m not thinking about.

Context: Have been looking for a way to introduce more players to circus games as I need one or two more circus regulars, and wanted to have a ‘light’ event in between a big cash game and our league championship tournament. Finally, wanted to do something fun and “in the season”, hence…

Turbo Limit Circus White Elephant Night!

8 Player Maximum, seat preference given to those who have not ever attended a circus night (they ‘jump to the top of the list’)

Instead of a cash buy in, the buy in is a wrapped gift of a value between $40-$60.

We’d start with a first circus game, deal an educational ‘face up’ hand, and then run a turbo fixed limit tourney - 10k starting stack - (proposed blind schedule listed at the bottom) ideally attempting to run 30 minutes.

Play to a winner, winner gets to pick a present and open it.

Move to a second circus game, do the same educational hand and then turbo limit tourney. Play to a winner. Winner can either take the first gift, or open a new gift – white elephant rules.

We do this until we get through all the presents. The end – cash game or something.

Whaddya think? What would you change? Any fatal flaws I’m not seeing?

Fixed Limit Bet By Level
Sounds fun, but it can hard to get an interesting (and useful) diversity of gifts.

To avoid giving away the identity of a prize based on size/shape, have it written on a card or letter with a printed photo instead.
Sounds fun! I did something similar years ago, but just ran a single tourney. When a player got eliminated from the tourney, he got to choose a gift. I don't think there was any stealing, but that could be a fun twist.
We play cash games with dealers choice, which are 3 of our favorites
1) Holdem - No limit
2) Pineapple - No limit
3) Big Omaha - ( opening preflop betting is limited to 5 big blinds) After the flop, no limit on remaining betting.

It has worked well for our gang of 8, as we like the diversity of the 3 games. Typically, Holdem gets the most play, but a few players always deal Pineaaple, and a few others always deal Omaha. Our guys all know the games, but if there are new players, prior to starting the night of play, it easy to do some face up trial runs of games that some are not accustomed to. We did that initially for Omaha, because it can be confusing to the new players, getting them to understand that 2 cards from the hole cards must be used, and only 3 of the 5 community cards.
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