Vendor Sale See my vest! (3 Viewers)

But where's the bowties??? :D

Hmmm, sending a PM...
Yep sure do, which red?


Diagonal stripes

I'll probably add on a couple vests when the table is ready - I mean, why spend extra on shipping when you don't have to?
Just received - jacket fits fine, but am missing a vest.

Highly recommend, might add a pic later.

Sending a PM....
Last chance to pick up any vests. I'm at my limit with selling these individually and am looking for someone (likely local) to buy them all for an absolute steal. I have them listed at $1500 for approx 4500 vests.
Well someone seems building a casino here, there are craps table and roulette posted being dig up lol
My vest venture is coming to an end. I'm moving out of my old warehouse which is where I was seeking them from so time to clear out the inventory.

If anyone is interested in large quantities, please let me know and I can give you a killer deal. Must take at least 100 vests though.

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