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Jan 15, 2015
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Because of demand and shortage of sample sets I want to open this up to everyone so this isn't a dibs thread. I have 10 full 24pc sample sets including both dealer buttons. I want to give away 5 and sell 5. The cost for the samples is $12 shipped (CONUS). If you're interested in a sample set just let me know here that you are interested. I will allow interest to be posted till Thursday June 4th at 12pm central time. At that point I'll randomly select 10 people to receive sample sets. Of those 10 people I will again randomly select 5 of those to get their sample sets free of charge, I only ask that you cover shipping. Unfortunately unless you're willing to cover the outrageous shipping costs for international these offers are for CONUS only. Payment through Paypal friends and family payment.

I'll post links to the original group buys so you can see the artwork as well as a link to the scrub donkey pron thread. I'm sure their photos will be better than anything I can take. I will try to add some to this post later tonight. Thanks!

GB for 39mm chips

GB for 39mm chips and Dealer buttons

Scrub Donkey Pron thread.
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