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So, I have a CPC set that should be out sometime in April. It is on the tail run of the current Scrown run.

So... What do you win?. You win six chips. Tourney set. Art is done by J5.... and a few people here can tell you, they turned out fantastic. But I refused to release images until chips are in my fat hands. Chips were 2 weeks out 17 days ago, so id say this will close the moment they arrive at my door. Now... that could be a week, it could be a bit longer.... or I could get a shipping notice in the next hour... WHO KNOWS.

How do you win? Let's make this as convoluted and annoying as possible. I love O8 flips, so... We need 8 players. How do I get 8 people.... How about, you post anything and your in. But, isn't that too easy?

How about you post in this thread and your entered. The 8 will be picked by a random number generator based on the total of posts. Exciting huh. But then you ask "Josh, that just means @BarrieJ3 is just going to Spam in the thread"... Well, He actually is already getting a set on based on helping fund this project, along with @Zmasterben and a couple others, so they cant win. But I still got to throw a wrench into this. If you post twice back to back (INCLUDING PAGE BREAKS), both of those numbers will be a redraw when I draw. (if you post #31 and #32, both numbers start a redraw. If there is a post between them and your #31 and #33, all the numbers are still valid). If you make the final table, you cant get in twice or more. One seat per person, that's it.


Q- Josh.... What do the chips look like?

A- They look great. That's all the info I can give.

Q- How do i know the draw is going to be real?

A- Because this is going to entertain me, and im degen. If its that big of an issue, we have some trust problems in our relationship.

Q- Do I have to pay shipping?

A - Yeah, ya do. but that allows international if ya cover it. 5.50 in the USA will get them there....

If we have a scoop, they win the chips. If there is a high/low chop or double chop somewhere, all winners will do a heads up Holdem flip for the set. If ya don't win, ill prob auction a set once the chips are in my hands, or at least give another set away. Goal here is, come... chat.... talk about chips. If your new, come meet some people and win some chips. The more ya chat, the more chances you have to win... UNLESS YOU POST TWICE IN A ROW THEN YOU RUINED EVERYTHING.

Pictures of Dogs are more then approved.

Even though I’m not eligible.;)
I don’t have a dog, but damnit I’ll find about 75 of them on the internet!

These are some of the real animals used in the Harry Potter movies from our honeymoon in London last year!
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