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Found Scandia $5s with shaped inlays! (1 Viewer)

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Jun 23, 2019
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I picked up a rack of shaped inlay Scandia $5s from @Apache in mint like condition that you can rescue from being murdered by trading me your rack of Scandia $5s standard inlay or any other of these base chip Paulson fantasy chips like Sams Casino etc in similar condition. Like newish condition very sharp edges.

I am NOT selling.

Picture by Apache

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Thanks for the tag.
I’ve got 12 I’d appreciate swapping with you.

Thanks. For now I am going to wait it out a little longer. I am worried if I split it up that I wont be able to trade for a full rack. And also I dont really want to over complicate the situation for myself. I dont plan to put these under the knife in the immediate future though. So there is time. And if no one else comes knocking I will trade out smaller quantities like this.
Thanks @charitycase! I am actually fine murdering the chips I have, I just know there are owners who prefer the shaped inlays and they are harder to find. So I just wanted to help out a PCFer if they were interested.
Be a little careful with multiple trades, the colors on these can vary and piecing together a rack might yield unwanted results. Some scandia's are a little pinker than others.

good point! Thank you. Actually the scandias in the link that @charitycase listed look to have a good amount of variation.
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