Vendor Sale SAMPLES- Web, Greek, Cards & No Mold (1 Viewer)

These Web Mold chips are incredible. Got my Sands sample a few days ago. They stack incredibly well and the inlay / label is the best I've seen almost indistinguishable from compression molded inlay.
What would be the eta on the following?

1 ~ 39mm web mold barrel
1 ~ 43mm web mold barrel
Which 39mm web barrels do you have in stock? Sunset beach? I will take the smallest/cheapest option to get a feel for them.
Can I order a sample barrel of cards mold, please?
And a couple question: For custom orders, how does color/spot selection work? Has anyone done color comparison or matching with paulson colors, etc?
1x Greek Mold "Black Gold" 14pc 39mm set
1x Web Mold Sands Sample Set - White - 39mm

Thank you

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