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Mar 25, 2013
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One of Rhode Island’s two casinos is set to see a significant increase in the number of table games it offers customers. According to the Providence Journal, Twin River Casino ...

From 66 to 80? That's it? Anyways it sounds like they are having good luck with the new tables. Wonder if they will open a poker room or not?
So, I realize this is necroposting, but I couldn't help. Twin River just got 20 something poker tables a month ago or so. I have never been so I go, get my players card, they give me a $5 raffle prize and I put my name on for 1/2. I am number 60!!!!! I wait about 30 minutes, guess what, I am still number 60. Looks like mohegan sun is my place of preference. I was playing in CT at the Sun before my number was even called in RI, I am sure.

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