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For Sale Retirement, giving up sale.... HSI PRIM, IG, ESST, ROADHOUSE 43MM (1 Viewer)

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MC Poker

Feb 27, 2019
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Green Bay WI
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Make me an offer for the entire Page.

IG SET - Whole Set or Ill most likely keep it. Second rack of 1ks are in the mail still.

400 Prim Ones, 2 Minty, 2 mixed racks
400 Prim 5s (traded the better 3 racks for rack of Prim 1ks) still sharp
300 Prim 25s
300 SEC 100s
300 Prim 500s
200 Prim 1ks
100 Prim 5ks

Set is $12,500 Shipped CONUS


100 25
100 100
100 500
100 1k
100 5k
100 25k
100 100k

Set for 7k shipped CONUS

Mixed Set will sell in Parts only, not splitting beyond lines below. Will sell if all 3 are spoken for.

1. 300 Detroit Jacks 25s NOT THE WATERMELONS however I do have a barrel of those Ill throw in. $750 Shipped CONUS

2. 400 HSI PRIM 100s and 220 HSI PRIM 500s Vary from really nice to chalky nice... 200 HSI PRIM 500s I dont believe to be played, the barrel has... $4250 Shipped CONUS

3. 100 Roadhouse 43 MM 1ks, 40 Roadhouse 43MM 5ks, 40 Kash 5k 43MM (39 murdered).... $4500 shipped CONUS

I have more in the basement, I'll post after the weekend. This is NOT a dibs sale. This is a make me sell sale, I don't want to sell most of them, but same rate, I want them all gone too. I also don't want to wade through the murk to finish my sets anymore. If you would like something in this sale, feel free to Post and then PM ME. I will most likely not be addressing anything till Monday, If all chips are claimed I will sell em all. IF not I will decide Monday if the collection and sets will be broke up. Priority is to who wants more, and who I have a good standing with. Pics are from a few weeks ago, if someone needs more Ill send them when I can. All Payments - Paypal F&F or Venmo. Shipping is CONUS only. Someone wants to save me the time, $28,000 Shipped for em all(feel free to offer). Let the Thread Crapping begin!


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Nov 14, 2014
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Id be in for 20 of them played HSI Prim $500s if split if someone takes the 200 non played amd the hundos


Jun 4, 2020
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Dibs roadhouse 1KS
Sorry, didn't read, figured I'd call dibs and ask questions later, these don't pop up much. In the crazy event these split, I'd love the 60 @Roslindale didn't dibs. It said to make an offer...I'd happy buy 3 barrels at $14/per. Sorry if that's a lowball, I haven't seen many of these lately, not sure what the going rate is anymore.

And sorry to hear about your retirement, you're an awesome chipper!
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