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Jul 21, 2017
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Just wanted to review a few of the most common questions when it comes to restamping THC chips.

Biggest thing to understand with this is, im messing with these chips alot. This is not an easy or quick process. You will lose chips. I always need 5-10 of each base color to help tune the machine, but generally most of these will come back as completed workable chips. Only a few will get axed.

You cannot use inlayed chips, remove or mill the inlay, and stamp them. The chip will be too thin and the mill edges will be crushed by the Hot Stamp being pressed into it. The only usable chips will be Hot Stamped Paulson clay.

When you receive the chips, they will need an oiling. Badly. A part of the process is drying them out completely to assist in the foil getting to stick. Expect some light color variations and dry spots. But a heavy oiling should assist in clearing that up.

Old Foil stains. I can get old foil out, but the stains are a part of the clay. You need every bit of clay for this method to work. Some stains will be visible if its outside of the new stamp. Same with some of the old stamp edges. They will peek out. But generally, the new foil will mask the old edges well and allow it to look natural to the average joe.

When prepping artwork for this, think of the new stamp as a tattoo cover up. If you can make the new stamp cover the old in a way that it flows together, it will not be as noticeable.

If you are attempting to mimic a old stamp, make the new stamp a different size than the old, unless the chips old stamp is completely worn out. The old divots can mess with a new stamp and blur it. If that's not possible, I recommend swapping sides (if the old chip has a denomination on it... I.E, out the logo on the denom side, and the denom on the logo side), this will give me fresh areas of clay to get the logo to stick.

Stamping pricing is the exact same as every other chip. The added cost comes from the hours of prep it takes to get the chips ready for stamping. It can range from 1-3 hours per rack. Some, like the Tigers HS and AS hot stamps, take a minimal amount of time to get ready. Some, like starbursts or older hot stamped chips, will take longer. You pay what time goes into it. On average, this will lead you to 250-300 per rack of completed chips. It can cost less, or more, depending on the shop time involved.

The goal is never perfection here. This is much like CPC. There will be personality and uniqueness in each chip.

I will remove and toss in my reject bin, any chips with a weak or unless stamp. I want you to have a set where the flow matches across each chip.

Each colored base for Paulsons react differently to restamping. Reds require more heat, Blues require less. This can mean some chips seem a hint deeper in a color than others do. I attempt to manage this as i go, but it can be noticeable.

Warping can occur with this process. I do my best to limit it, but like i said above, the chips are going thru one hell of a process to get here. If you wish to have them flattened after, its the standard flattening fee. Generally the warping is minimal and i toss them in a tight rack to cool to assist with this. But again, be aware of the process.

Generally, when you order from me, I'll send you pics as i go to make sure we are both on the same page. I want nothing more than happy customers, and expectations lead to that.

This takes time. A custom rack from received to shipped could take 2 weeks if i have the stamp already in hand. Prep takes a while, but I'll always do what I can to complete jobs within timeframes that are needed.

Any questions, always feel free to PM and reach out.
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It's wacky and I'm kinda shocked I came up with a process that works, but we are still at a point where I'm learning a lot each job. But the results are really promising.
Dont think Ill be restamping but still psyched for it. Debating solids versus edgespots for a small cpc set down the road; will find you when the time comes.
Does restamping only work with THC chips? Or would it work, with say, tri-clubs?

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