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Mar 31, 2016
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Seattle, WA
I'm looking to improve my heads up play. I play in a weekly poker tournament league. Cash and points go to the top 5 every week with typically 20-25 players participating. At the end of the year, the guy who runs the league sends out the yearly stats for all players who participated over the year. The good news is that I finished in 5th place overall for points out of 40 - I ended up cashing in 27% of the events I played. The bad news is that I got to heads up 9 times in the past year, either in the regular weekly tournament or in the quarterly freeroll, and finished 2nd every time. Thankfully I organized a chop of the first and second place cash in most of these instances, so money wise I came out pretty well. But we still end up playing the heads up battle out for the points, which contribute to standings for the quarterly freerolls and the big yearly prize, $1000 WSOP seats.

It seems that I am putting myself in a good position heading into heads up, so it's hard to say whether I have just been unlucky when the flips are happening or am just plain bad at heads up. Anyone know of any good resources focused on tournament heads up play?
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