Reminder to all, check on your family members in these times of isolation, some are struggling (1 Viewer)


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Nov 14, 2020
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York Region Ontario Canada
Just thought i'd put this out there.....

Many of us are suffering with the challenges of this current pandemic. The isolation and fear messaging is often overwhelming and can be at times too much for some to bear. In addition changes to medical practice have resulted in serious medical complications being missed or I hate to say it potentially ignored.
My family suffered a loss overnight. My daughters mother (separated for 8 yrs) had been suffering with depression for many years but this worsened into physiological manifestations where they no longer travelled outside much or at all....felt chronic pain and feelings of hopelessness. Laura was found deceased this morning from an apparent overdose of Hydromorphone which we believe and will accept was an accident. She was the primary caregiver of 4 children of which 1 was mine that was cared for ~half/half in each household. With the medical system strained many consults have happened over the telephone....somehow through this telephone consultation this lady was placed on "high" doses of an opioid drug typically prescribed in end or life or palliative/oncology medicine. This client was not monitored by anyone in the prescribers office with an actual physical assessment or follow up and had a significant sized bottle of medication (as I found out when questioned by the detectives)... It was scary but these pills were also accessible to the children including some found on the floor. My daughter told me last week about "mommy" taking her sleeping pill and being so confused she didn't know who anyone was..... sadly I dismissed that as I thought she might have been exaggerating, unfortunately children are not often as clear as they should be nor are we as adults as adept in listening to important information. In short check on your relatives, if they are having a hard time, take the time to chat and let that person know they are not alone, maybe it would just be a small thing but that time could make all the difference.
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There are no words other than that I'm so sorry for your incomprehensible loss.

I'll echo this. Hug your loved ones tight and now more than ever, try to reconnect with those you haven't seen or spoken to in a while that you know may be having a hard time, which to varying degrees, has been just about everyone for the past year.

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