Regency $5 rolling edge inspiration (1 Viewer)


Apr 22, 2019
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Triangle, NC
I love the rolling edge design on these Regency chips. Has anyone tried to replicate this pattern, or something similar, on their own ceramics? Would a stylized rolling edge like this look funky/weird/"off" with a chip face that appears more traditional?

I don't remember seeing anything like this. It could probably be done with interesting effects, especially when stacked. Although specific examples could convince me to the contrary, I think the design of the rolling edge should somehow be connected to the design of the face. It does not necessarily have to wrap over completely, though.
Rolling edge printing on ceramic chips is one of the customization strengths of the process. It should be used to its creative potential.

I've got an idea for a CDI-style bounty button that when stacked 3 high will spell out a message on the rolling edge.

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