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Oct 27, 2014
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Last night was the final game of a WSOP Tournament Group that I have been a part of for the last 4 years. 18 Players, 10 games, and 4 $1500 buy ins to the WSOP for the season point leaders (plus some travel money). Really good group of guys and all serious players... they have taught me a lot!

I went into the last game in 2nd place having played very solid throughout the year. However, due to 2 consecutive games leading up to this game (one was a sub that got knocked out 5th and then I went out 2nd in the previous game!) I gave up my 1st place position and allowed it to get crowded in the points going into the last game... I had to play well to secure one of these 4 buy ins.

I ended up taking 1st place at last nights game and as a result I actually ended up being the overall tournament season winner!

I plan on taking part in Event #45 on the 22nd of June if anyone else is participating in that event please let me know!

It was an immensely satisfying drive home last night... VERY excited to participate in my first ever WSOP event!

Thought everyone would appreciate a picture of one of my stacks during the night! ; )


Congrats. I hope to be able to do something like this someday with my poker group.
Congrats sir! WSOP run good sent your way...

Um, we'd be a bit more satisfied if those were pictures of minty Paulsons.
Great job, Sean! Good luck. You'll enjoy it!
Stockys upset that OP didn't write his post properly.

Stocky wishes Redbelly goodluck in the tournament and hopes he wins and gets sponcered.
Congratulations. May your cards be live and pots be monsters. GL.
Congrats and good luck! Have you picked out which event you'll be playing?
What an AWESOME thread to read! Congratulations, and here's hoping you get Redbelly Poker Room some national exposure when you get on tv!

If there is anybody reading this thread that doesn't know, Redbelly is a very classy guy and one of the nicer people you can meet in this world. He deserves all the rungood he can get, root hard for Sean!

I'm going to just miss you in Vegas though, I think my wife and I are going to run down to Scottsdale/Vegas at the end of June to celebrate our second wedding anniversary, but we won't get to Vegas until the 28th. I'm going to try to play the event that starts on the 29th, so any advice for a rookie (me) that a grizzled old WSOP vet like yourself (which you will be by the 28th) could offer would be appreciated. ;)

Again, congrats and good luck!
If you get a bracelet, I will not feel so bad losing to you. :)

Hope you get good cards and have great landings,


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