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Aug 8, 2019
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Buffalo NY
OK I got 1200 chips, in racks, 10 plaques, and still want room for a dealer button and two decks of Fournier. What size Apache case should I be looking for?
Probably a 4800 to be safe. Might be able to queue all that into a 3800, but wouldn’t have as much padding. Gonna be heavy with 1200 chips, though.
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The 3800 will for 1000 chips and racks, no extra space. The 4800 fits 1400 chips but the depth isnt perfect...we use a 3/4" thick layer of foam and a sheet of FRP... which is the fiber glass used on restaurant walls in the kitchen.
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I would measure your racks and get the interior dimensions off the Internet. Harbor Freight’s website has the dimensions. Best to be safe.
The 4800 is a bit smaller front to back, compared to the 3800, but is a fair bit wider (side to side), and also deeper (top to bottom). You can actually stack three levels of racks inside, although the wheel indentations limit you to two levels near the left edge. I can fit 17 racks of 43mm Royals (which are both longer and higher than racks of 39mm chips) inside the 4800 (5 racks x 3 high, 2 racks x 2 high), but that leaves almost no padding around the edges (not suitable if subject to impact), and it is super heavy. You should be able to fit 12 racks of 39mm, all of your plaques, and still have room for cards, buttons, etc. BUT!... find out the inside dimensions and do a test layout (or buy one, remove the padding, set everything inside, and if it doesn't work, then return it for a refund).

The 3800 is a bit of a tight squeeze for me to fit to fit 11 racks of 39mm chips with a bit of padding, definitely not enough room to include plaques, cards and buttons.

4800. Works perfectly. Thanks everybody

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