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Aug 12, 2019
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Hey everybody,

I don't have much time to post these days.
I wish I had some more time to throw another fancy pron thread together, have some beauties to share.
But I wanted to share the live-Live! set we've been playing with for the past couple weeks.
These aren't flashy, they're not skittles, they're not THCs or house molds.. but these have been our go-to set still for about two weeks.
My girlfriend kind of said it best - They have a 'home feel' not a 'man cave' feel and they're relaxing to play with when you're not playing for money.
We just sort of sit down with the family, deal some cards, make some baseless bets, and chat..

The Live! runs a $1(small blind)/$3(big blind) no-limit hold 'em poker room.
It's quickly become a formality, because most players are stacking $25s and small bets run about $15.
But at home, the $2 chip in the $1/3 setup kind of serves the purpose of fracs, keeping bets low, keeping things relaxed.
The white and Hawaiian flower singles look super clean.
Next to my <90s & vintage chips, this little set really does look/feel more modern.
So overall, we've been enjoying this little set a lot, I really do recommend them.
Friday and Saturday nights, these chips are taking a beating.
I recommend going over there while the chips are still sharp.

IMG_8168 2.JPG
IMG_8169 2.JPG
IMG_8165 2.JPG
IMG_8170 2.JPG


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