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Aug 2, 2015
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I've had some experience using a spray glossy clear coat on heavily faded and worn chipcos with pretty good results. I took my 100 most destroyed happy days 1's and made a full rack of high gloss chips that have held up under heavy use for over two years. However its a pain in the butt and has tons of room for screw up or uneven application.

Then comes the infommercial for ReColor by rustoleum that I saw two days ago and my mind begins racing with the possibilites. I went and picked up a box at target and wanted to show you some of the initial results. Its way easy to apply evenly and am still playing with the different applicators it came with. You can see from the pictures the colors pop with a beautiful glossy coat.

Please remember this is only reccomended for those terribly worn and completely smooth chips that you look at and say "damn, back in the day I bet these looked nice but now they make me want to puke". The first two pictures will be the one where i coated only two thirds of the chip for comparison. Third picture has the top row recolored and bottom row untouched except top right chip is only 2/3 rds colored.. Last two photos has the top chip touched up and bottom one not.

How does the glossy coat and/or recolor affect surface tension and feel during play?
How does the glossy coat and/or recolor affect surface tension and feel during play?

Good question. With the spray can clear coats if you put it on somewhat heavily its the same slickness/slippery as the smooth chipcos. It gives it a very glass like shiny look. The most recent 50 I did I found you could give some mild texture to the chips by not spraying on the coat as thick and even. It still brought out the color but gave it a more matte type look. BUT i found matte clear coats come off sort of foggy and grey on the chips.

With the recolor I havent completed enough to say for sure but it seems to have more texture to it. I will keep you posted.
Here are some close ups of the 1's I did a couple years ago. They are probably more slippery than most people would like. To me the trade off is totally worth it.
First two pics you can see the difference in color with the black and pinks between the top two rows(coated) and bottom two rows(uncoated). The last two pics are simply to show the glossy reflection.


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