Rare Copag Poker Pros- Licensed Casino Only Sets BRAND NEW **SOLD OUT** (1 Viewer)

Thanks Joe, if someone is ordering that will also be present at Dan's meetup, I would be down for 2 set-up's
We have not opened any. So I dont have any first hand knowledge.
But here is what we found:

"The Copag Casino Pro and Poker Pro Playing Cards are only available to license gaming establishments and a proof or registration is required for security purposes. Available in 100% plastic or paper, these playing cards offer high security and are supplied to major casinos throughout the U.S.A. and around the world.'

"...Poker Pro Playing Cards are manufactured with high quality materials. The advanced technological applications and process control guarantee the highest table performance. The extensive statistical inspection procedures throughout production ensure higher and more consistent quality control."

So whatever that means.
IMHO they don’t seem much different from regular Copags except for the casino style backs that I like a lot.
Interested to hear about the possible differences other than the back.

This is from Copag's site:


* @Nick@TPS : if you don't find appropriate to post the above in your thead just let me know and I'll delete it right away.
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I ordered a set up. Then again, I’m a sucker for any kind of new/different cards. Meaning, different than what I already have….
I ordered some months ago. I like the back. I had bought mine on a general public site
Are the pictures on the site representative of the back colours of the cards? Unfortunately, I'm partially red/green colour blind, and the pictures on the site look like dark brown and not-quite-as-dark brown to me. I had to stare at them for about 5 seconds to distinguish between them. I hate my eyes.

I don't know why manufacturers choose colours that are so similar. These aren't the first I've encountered like this.
Hey @Nick@TPS any info available about shipping? I assume we will all get an email once the cards ship out, idea for when that will be?


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