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Aug 23, 2013
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Just experienced a strange game last night...

A little background, Ive played a bunch the last couple of weeks. I've been on a bit of a winning streak (not complaining). However, I played two tournaments this week that couldn't have gone more differently (other than they both ended in very similar fashions with deep cashes).

Both tourneys had around 40 entries, with skilled fields. Wednesday's tourney was awesome, I was catching a lot of big hands, FH's, nut flushes, etc.. It seemed I was playing well in other respects as well... But the cards were definitely falling my way. I was generally getting the best of it. Ended in 4th place when the blinds escalated the game to a 4-way shove-fest. Was so close to a win, but busted when I Got it in good, and lost a flip. Overall, happy with the game.

last night's game, however, was a different story. My best hand of the night (over 5 hours) was two pair. Very tough going. Never seemed to catch a break or a big hand. However, I seemed to hang in there, and took advantage of position and won a few decent hands with top pair, etc... Got very very lucky. Finished 3rd, with similar circumstances with the blinds causing a shove-fest. I was very short for most of the latter half of the game, and started jamming a lot when I hit 10bb...

My question, has anyone experienced being completely card dead, and running so deep without ever catching big hands...? I mean, my best hand of the entire night really was two pair... I'm sure there was some aspect of skill (picking my spots, etc..), but I really think I just got lucky that other people would call on draws that missed, or with slightly worse hands.

Disclaimer... At the time of writing this, I've had exactly 3 hours of sleep. :) #workingsaturdaysucks
When you aren't getting cards you just need to make plays. Play your opponent, play their fear of the board, etc. Glad it worked out for ya!
There used to be a monthly tourny at the local VFW and the best finish I has was third place on a night similar to yours where I was completely card dead but managed to make a few key bluffs that worked out. I remember having two pocket pairs all night - 3's and 8's. I just waited patiently for the hand that never came, and luckily most of my moves worked out that night. I think that cash was one of the most rewarding. Anyone can win when they are running good, but when you're card dead and win it's definitely more exciting.
I've had nights like this in my weekly NLHE tourney group. Of course, our games tend to be in the 10-15 player neighborhood rather than 40, and most of us have years of history with each other.

Still, patience, timing and knowing your opponents can often be a decent substitute for good cards.

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