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Nov 7, 2014
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In Stock!! Acrylic Chip Racks

40 mm- $2.75 each
(current inventory: 04/29/2024- 0)
43 mm- $2.80 each (current inventory: 04/29/2024-35)
50 mm- $4.75 each (current inventory: 04/29/2024-35)

Shipping rates:

1 rack- $5.30
2-6 racks- $8.50
7-10 racks- $9.95
11-20 racks- $14.95
21-30 racks- $18.95
31+- will quote based on address before shipping

Prices good for continental US. Other locations shipping TBD

Chips in pictures for reference only and are not included

These work great with Cards Mold and Paulson chips.

They do have notches so they interlock when stacked on top of each other.

40 mm racks will fit 10 to a standard birdcage

43 mm racks will fit 8 to a standard birdcage

Please post your quantity here and I will PM you an invoice. Orders filled in order of payment


1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpgrack 1.jpgrack 2.jpg

43 MM


1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg43 c.jpg43s.jpg

50 MM

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Just got 40 of the 40mm racks today. These are so much better than any of the other racks I own. And they are a way smaller footprint, making fitting racks into everything easier! Now I have an entire box of racks I need to get rid of, and going to have to order more of these racks for a couple other sets. These are my go-to racks from now on, without a doubt.

The only problem I encountered is that I designed the foam in some of my Apache cases to fit other racks. Now that I swapped to these racks, there is too much room in my Apache cases.. lol. First world problems.

I will be placing another order soon once I get a count of how many more I need...

Thanks Justin!

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