"R.I.P. Dave Greenfield of The Stranglers" (1 Viewer)

mtl mile end

Nov 12, 2014
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montreal, Qc, Canada
I was looking through Spotify for something to listen to today. I have the free version and occasionally play some crap quality music through my built-in laptop speakers. I went to the Rhino Records "Topic"(?) and realized why I'm not there very often, it's just a series of "Playlists" from Rhino. Scrolling down, I saw the Playlist entitled "R.I.P. Dave Greenfield of The Stranglers" - FUCK.

Another COVID casualty, Greenfield died in hospital May 3, 2020. "He had been diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 infection on 26 April 2020, a week before his death, during an extended hospital stay for heart-related problems" according to wikipedia.

Not much to say about this except that he was a key member of a great band that defined my musical youth. I wonder how many others have passed that I will be "catching up" on as time goes by.

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