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Jan 2, 2014
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Phoenix, AZ
I was hoping I could get some advice from other table builders on how to upholster a quarter circle dealer cutout. I tried tonight but didn't have much success, and I'm on a pretty rigid deadline, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is a picture of what I'm talking about. Thank you so much.

Do you mean the dealer chip tray or the shorter vinyl rail where the dealer sits?

If you mean to take the chip tray out and have that area covered in felt instead of a hole, shouldn't a carefully measured plywood cutout with felt covering the top and most of the 4 sides slot into the hole well enough? it might cause a few misdeals but it beats making a whole new playing surface for a one off event.
I mean the actual rail. If you look at the inside of it where it ends, you can see how it is curved making a quarter of a circle. This area was very problematic for me and I kept ending up with wrinkles in that spot. I should've been more specific and said that I was talking about the actual rail itself.
Just have to take your time and stretch like crazy before stapling. Assume you are using the 1/2-distance method vs going in a straight line....
I find stretching and stapling temporarily then waiting overnight lets the vinyl stretch an makes getting rid of the creases easier the Next day. If your on a tight timeline though than may not be much help. For sure a two man attack would help, one puller and one stapler. Either way good luck and be sure to post some finished pictures.

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