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Royal Flush
Oct 28, 2014
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Florida Gulf Coast
All my sets, waiting to be used again :nailbite:

Hey! I have “Caro’s Book of Poker Tells” as well. Interesting read. Nice collection!
You really have a lot of amazing sets. I'd rate them like:
  1. GOT
  2. EST
  3. Mixed TRK
  4. Suicide Queen's
  5. AST
  6. Iron Bank
If I remember correctly you didn't do a full inlay replacement on the GOT?! I'd do it if I'd own such a set. One of my all time favorite sets!! Great design. Yours?! Love it!
Love all those pics!!

Especially the first one.
Tough act to follow @k9dr , as I'll never be able to get to your level, like not even at all...

But I'm bored, like the thread, itching to peruse my goods as perhaps you might be..

Here it goes...

My sets..
(Many chips still in transit, including Jack $5s and $1ks, and some ES $5s)

All quarantined:(

EDIT : here is my poker table nowadays...
Doing my very best to keep up, but since I'm still new to the chipping business. It's not as much as some people can show.
Now entering the cleaning phase for my Bellagios, so they will finally be able to shine with those Jack's.
Unfortunately it doesn't all fit within my case, anybody with ideas on how to fit the last 30 in?


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Great set man! It's gorgeous!

Those Bellagio $1s are a nice choice instead of the Jack $1s.

The Bellagio $5s all mixed up with the Jack $5s would tilt me pretty hard though.

I'd consider a couple of Nanuk cases. I don't know crap about them, but everybody loves them around here. Worth considering as you have got beautiful chips.
Actually it tilts me pretty hard, but it was a really good deal on those Bellagio 5s and I actually really like them. Almost can´t wait to see them all clean and shiny.
I prefere Blue over White as 1$ chips :) personal preferences I guess :)
Unfortunately it doesn't all fit within my case, anybody with ideas on how to fit the last 30 in?
Three options:
  1. Ditch the cards and button.
  2. Get a new case, as that one doesn't look heavy duty, especially for the cargo it carries.
  3. Trade 100xJack $5 for 70xBellagio $5+cash
That's correct. The case is very cheapo looking, but it does its job and the alternatives over here in Germany are either, build something yourself or pay way over for a good looking case, that isn't actually a lot better than what I currently have.
I think I'll open my own thread for this discussion now.
Actually I'm not looking to sell any of the chips currently and if I would I'd be getting rid of the Bellagio 5s instead of the Jack's. Which isn't really easy over here in Europe either.

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