Quarantine Activity: Stability Test--Tallest Chipstack you can make (1 Viewer)

asian bino

Two Pair
Feb 1, 2019
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New Hampshire
Which PCFer can make the tallest freestanding chipstack?


You are allowed to start on any hard surface.
You may use a base of 4 chips in a 2x2 fashion (if you like)
No supports, glue or other adhesives (did I REALLY need to mention that?)
No interlocking chips

Leave comments with pictures and count, and type of chip used.
Ok I'll play but I'm sure someone can beat this. I got to 360 with some ceramic hybrids (bottom 100 are 43mm):


I could have fit another barrel+ before I hit the ceiling, but it got a hair too unstable lol.

*no chips were harmed in this entry*
@Irish I have always loved your room and craftsmanship from other threads ... I had never noticed the awesome ceilings before this post.

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