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Cancelled Purple Hat and Cane .25 hotstamps (1 Viewer)

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Mar 23, 2013
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Looking for these...


Apache doesn't sell these anymore?
Purple or white are not currently available from Apache. I have not ever seen photos of the purple. I don't know if apache ever actually made those.
When I was in the market for the white quarters about 6months ago, Josh said they were discontinued and he didn't have any. I considered getting some NCV or even Avalons for the quarter... none were in stock. A month or so later the "Paulson leaving the home market" statement was announced.

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I stand corrected... http://www.apachepokerchips.com/paulsonshapedinlay.html

Josh must have acquired some and is selling them for (A-hem) $250 per rack.
He had them 300 of them for $2 each yesterday. Today he had only 100 left . I was going to grab them but when I went to his site the price when up $50. I'm price out now.

+$250 towards my custom chips.
1000 per denom/color was GPI's minimum order for Josh.
Good grief, I just looked at the pricing of the TH&C Worlds and, if I can get $3 a chip for my $100 chips, I will almost get back what I paid for the whole set! I guess the $25 and $100 chips are the most sought after as they are used in both cash and tourney sets.
We may see a price decrease in Paulson home sets though as Josh @ Apache said he didn't think it would be long before GPI let him back in.
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