Princess Leia Being Catcalled by Star Wars Characters (1 Viewer)


A new beginning
Oct 28, 2014
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Tampa FL
This is freaking brilliant!


For anyone not familiar with what this is spoofing:

Pretty funny throughout, but what really cracked me up was Boba Fett walking in silence.
'street harassment' really? its come to this now?

I was going to click on your sig, but then I thought I might say "damn, those are some fine chips." Luckily, I saw the video, and now I am aware that I would be harassing your chips.

Thank you!

Though if some ghetto trash started walking next to me for 5 minutes, I probably would have a hand on my mace.
Oh ya I don't condone the actions of those sewer dwellers of humans.. but that's just part of life you can't control sadly. As long as they don't cross the line, that's just called life. Sometimes it ain't easy ladies.
I know i would hate being called 'sexy' while passing a couple girls on the street lol. There is a boundary you shouldn't cross as a guy and most of the mouth breathers in that video did.

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