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SOLD Price Reduced! DDLM Barrels or Singles (1 Viewer)

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Feb 21, 2021
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Only $1000 and $5000 denominations are left.

-Fill out your existing Dia De Los Muertos set!
-Make a custom shuffle stack!
-Buy them because you love skeletons and cool artwork!

Whatever the reason, think about buying these “never-felted” / mint condition chips I found in my closet, leftover from my previous DDLM set.

Prices now reduced further…
-ALL chips are now only 70¢ each… that’s 10-15¢ lower than retail

-Take an ADDITIONAL $1 off every 20 chips you buy (mix-and-match is okay)

What I have:
$1 white x 20 …SOLD
$5 red x 20 …SOLD
$25 green x 5 …SOLD
$100 charcoal gray x 25 …SOLD
$500 purple x 29 …SOLD
$1000 orange x 40
$5000 pink (semi-custom) x 20

*** Payment by VENMO (no fees) preferred ***

PayPal (Friends & Family
) also accepted

Call “dibs” here for what you’d like and send a PM.

Shipping is additional and will be based on the number of chips you purchase & weight/size of the package. I tend to ship by the least expensive trackable service, unless you desire something specific. I’m happy to give a price quote prior to purchase, if needed.

One final note: there may be some very slight color variation on a few chips, but in no way does it affect playability. . . Just kinda to be expected with these printed ceramic chips.

Thanks, PokerDogDoc
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Thanks for your interest.

Yep, ceramic, 39mm diameter, and they fit the “standard” racks at 20 per row… there is just a little wiggle room, but you can’t fit 21 in there, so no chance of miscounting.

They have a really nice weight and a slight matte finish which I feel helps prevent spilled stacks.

BTW, I’ve always just used the inexpensive Brybelly brand racks for these.

Let me know if you want full pricing and shipping detail costs.
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