SOLD Price drop ! Paulson Chips (Horseshoe, Jack, Lucky 21, Native Lights) (2 Viewers)

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Don Clay

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Apr 24, 2013
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hi all,

up for sale the following Paulson chips :

Prices DON'T include shipping, Paypal with F&F option.
Note prices are in Euros.

Horseshoe Casino
Mixed primaries Cleveland/Cincinati Tourney set
Used condition, cleaned just before listing them!
(100) $5 (Cleveland, used to very good condition, sorted, 1 barrel of commemorative chips),
(100) $25 (Cleveland, used condition, sorted),
(80) $100 (Cincinati, good condition),
(20) $500 (Cincinati, very good condition),

Paulson Horseshoe mixed # 01.jpg

Paulson Horseshoe mixed # 02.jpg

Jack Casino (Detroit,MI)
NEW (Uncirculated)

Cash game set (primary)
(100) $1, 2,20€ ea.SOLD
(100) $5, 3,50€ ea. SOLD
(100) $25,
(20) $100 (secondary) 1,80€ ea. SOLD

Jack Casino # 06.jpg

note that my camera missed the blue spots on dollar chips. I can do another photo to show the real color if needed.

Tourney set (mixed primary/secondary)
Good for a 10K full table with an 8/8/4/2/1 starting stack
(100) $25 (secondary),
(80) $100 (primary),
(60) $500 (primary), 8€ ea. SOLD
(20) $1,000 (secondary), 20€ ea. SOLD
(10) $5,000 (secondary), 22€ ea. SOLD
Price : 1,690€ + shipping (no split, except if all items are spoken for)

Jack Casino # 02.jpg

Jack Casino # 03.jpg

Tourney chips
(20) T25,000, SOLD

Paulson Jack T25,000.jpg

Lucky 21 Casino (Woodland, WA)
Used condition (cleaned, oiled)
(20) $1,

Lucky 21 Casino.jpg

Native Lights Casino (primary set)
(excellent condition)
(20) $100, 3€ ea. SOLD

Paulson Native Lights Casino 01.jpg

Please post publicly what you're interested with, including barrels or racks.
NO dibs, I’ll give priority to larger deal, mostly for packing and shipping reasons.

Standard international shipping with tracking and signing delivery, as usual.
US group shipment also available if some split happen on one or several sets.

Special note :
once package has been posted, I'm not responsabile for any loss.

Shipping Cost :

20-40 chips : 23,50€
41-80 chips : 27€
81-180 chips : 37€
181-475 chips : 50€
476-670 chips : 70€

Thanks !​
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Wish I could speak up but my voice has left meo_O

@Don Clay , the $500s in the T10K are pictured as Primary. (listed as secondary)
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I am interested in Jacks - secondary $1,000 and $5,000 ... also Native Lights $100 - plus Jacks $5 and Jacks $1
hey all,
people having expressed some interest have been pm'd.
Willing to wait and see if someone takes a complete set before splitting.
All Jack chips are spoken for, but the two racks of $25.
Prices by denom are up.

Jack T25,000 chips added, a full mint rack now available !

Free shipping to EU for Horseshoe complete set.

US group shipment available for US members, buy a rack or a barrel and get lowered shipping cost.

A few items (marked as PENDING) are reserved as a lot for @BHB, who's going to be our re-shipper.
Thanks a lot !
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Jack $500 chips pending.

US group shipment available for US members, buy a rack or a barrel and get lowered shipping cost.
Price drops on remaining items,

Lowered shipping cost still available for US members with group shipment.

Hey all,

I'll split the set of Horseshoe by the rack or barrel (for the 20 $500 chips).

Thank you
Another price drop !

Low shipping cost for US members until the group shipment goes (very soon), make quick if you're interested !!
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