Pretty cool neon sign


Sitting Out
Mar 24, 2019
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Here is a pretty cool neon sign that I have. The story of the cost is even better. I ordered a WPT Amber Bock neon sign. I got it and the Amber Bock script tubing was broke when it arrived. Seller said take a pic and they would send me another. So a week later another shows up with same broken tubing in the Amber Bock. Contact the seller and they said they would refund the money, but I didn’t have to ship anything back. I found a local neon shop to see what they could do. He said I can replace the bottom tubing with anything. I used my online poker handle at the time. In retrospect It was just one of many poor decisions. He did take the other broken sign in trade. This sign was free and is still pretty cool.
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