Presidents' Day Weekend Sale (2 Viewers)

What Are You Most Interested in?

  • WSOP 500 Piece Set

  • WSOP 300 Piece Set

  • HORSESHOE 500 Piece Tourney set

  • Condado Plaza - Bud Jones - CIC

  • Inter Continental - Bud Jones

  • Palace Casino - Chipco

  • El Casino - RT Plastics

  • HORSESHOE Roulettes

  • Horseshoe Cincinnati Primaries

  • Horseshoe Cincinnati Secondaries

  • HARRAH’s 10 cent - Bud Jones




  • Horseshoe BUY IN Chips

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I ordered and paid for some San Juan 100s on May 27. No chips (or tracking number) yet. Is there a problem?
101 black 100s. I previously bought 200 a couple years ago. But was worried I might need more at some point and didn't want them all to disappear. Warped thinking, I know.

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