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Apr 25, 2013
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Bramalea, Ontario
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From another site that I belong to . . . I am not the seller but will vouch for the integrity of the person who is. Only the President's and the Azteks are still available.
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It makes you register to view that post. Can you just put all the info on here?
Sorry . . . gimme a minute to copy and paste the relevant sets . . .

Set 1
These are Paulson Top Hat & Cane Primary I believe, but Moose will need to confirm. My first high quality chip purchase, this set is perfect for the home cash game with buyin ranging from $20 to $500. I'll include 100 President $.50 chips which are almost an ideal match for this set, as well as a Casino Aztek Dealer puck
Chip Breakdown:
$.50 President 100
$.50 Aztek 100
$1 200
$5 300
$25 200
$100 50
Paid $420, price at $350

Set 3
PRESIDENT CASINO Primary Tournament or Large Buyin Cash
These chips have seen a TON of action, both at casino as well as in my league games. This was my weekly go to set and has seen a ton of play. A Black Friday special, these chips were horribly disgusting and it took almost 2 weeks to clean up, but are still in good shape. The 500 denom is actually in MINT shape, purchased later to complete the set. Most of the 5 and 25 denoms have rounded edges, but still most can sit on their edge just fine. Dealer puck included
Chip Breakdown:
5 250
25 352
100 200
500 30
TOTAL SET 832 chips
Paid $285, priced at $240

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Link has been removed to avoid annoying the rest of you. Sorry about that, I guess it works for me because it is my log-in and account. Details are now listed above.
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Aztek? Never heard of that :confused:

Is set 3 president casino admiral? or...??

The seller's descriptions are.....interesting.

Do you have pics that you could share?
Yes, President's Casino on the Admiral. Pics are available at You will have to register to access the buy/sell portion of the site. The President's are "used" condition as he states, but I have played with them, and am considering purchasing them myself. At least I was until my lawn mower died this morning. Sorry, but I am not going to be going through the hoops to post the pics right now. I am off to buy a new Toro . . . :-(

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Lets see if this worked . . . pic is for the President's set that is for sale. the 500's will be Presidents as well, this is just an older pic before he bought the PCA 500's


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I joined that forum today just to see the ad (not sure how I missed that forum before). Glad I didn't see some of the other sets that were for sale prior to them being sold.
Yup . . . he had a few good ones, and the ones he's kept are even better. An E&C cash set with custom labels is what I am waiting on. the seller and I share the same initials. The poster "moose" has and unholy amount of chips in his collection, probably totalling around 20k now . . .
I thought I was a member of that site, but I guess I only browsed it in the past. I registered, but am unable to post at all. (Even though the forum says to introduce myself, and tells me how, I can't!) I'm really interested in the PCA set. I shouldn't be, but I am.

If you PM me your deets here, I will let the seller know you are interested. Up to you . . .

PM sent to seller with you e-mail included.
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Wow, just saw on the other forum that he passed away last night. :( My condolences to his family and friends.

It IS a sad day . . . A J White was a great host, and a better than average player. He was generous with his time and advice, and was pretty much "the" guy in the Brampton Ontario poker scene.
My condolences to his family and friends. :( RIP
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