For Sale PRESIDENT CASINO Primary Tournament or Large Buyin Cash (1 Viewer)

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Apr 25, 2013
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Bramalea, Ontario
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PRESIDENT CASINO Primary Tournament or Large Buyin Cash
These chips have seen a TON of action, both at casino as well as in my league games. This was my weekly go to set and has seen a ton of play. A Black Friday special, these chips were horribly disgusting and it took almost 2 weeks to clean up, but are still in good shape. The 500 denom is actually in MINT shape, purchased later to complete the set. Most of the 5 and 25 denoms have rounded edges, but still most can sit on their edge just fine. Dealer puck included
Chip Breakdown:
5 250
25 352
100 200
500 30
TOTAL SET 832 chips
Paid $285, priced at $240

these chips are NOT mine, but the description is accurate and I will vouch for same. these were previously offered before the owner passed, and the widow contacted me today.
Do they look like these chips or is this a different president casino? I've never really looked into these chips so I just found these on google.

Mr Cheese, they are from the same casino, but I believe what you have pictured are the secondaries. I know that $5.00 chip is a "secondary, as I have them as part of a HU set.

Kerami, if you PM me your details, I will contact the seller on your behalf.
Very interested if you can get me a pic? Pm me with more details and/or pictures :)
These are starting to grow on me. If it wasn't for some upcoming sales I'd probably be all over these!
I contacted you back before str8 passed and said I would buy them. I am still in if at all possible.

A deal is currently in the works for this set. If, for some reason, it falls apart, I will let you know. I have to say that I think the sale will go through.
Ok. Super disappointed. I didn't want to push the matter after str8 passed. Just figured I would be contacted when the time was right.

My apologies if it seems like you were "cut out". I had, in fact, forgotten about them until his widow contacted me via e-mail on another matter. that is why I reposted them. Again, my apologies if you feel wronged.
I would appreciate it if you would at least let her know that I was originally the person that was going to buy them.

Also, I can most likely transfer funds directly via banks in canada.

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