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Big Jilm

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Nov 7, 2014
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never here again
Divide your likes by your posts. What are you batting? I realize you can have multiple likes for one post, but it is still interesting. We should have a contest?? (jbutler will likely win, lol) -- I made the title wrong

I am at 37.7%
another factor which greatly benefits my percentage is that there is no "dislike" button to bring my numbers down. i might just be in the red...

I'd like to see what your numbers are with WTF thread participation removed
I'd like to see what your numbers are with WTF thread participation removed

was curious. had 73 total posts in thread and 68 likes. removing those posts/likes, i would be at 44%.
Funny I thought about creating this thread a few weeks ago but didn't think it would generate that much interest.

Wasn't at a computer so I couldn't see my likes. UPDATED 19.148936%
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57.6% - that is some high quality posting :cool: although I lowered my % with this post :rolleyes:
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Also 47.8%. Once again me and Chippy are evenly matched. :cool:

I have noticed that the key to receiving likes is threefold:

1) Poker chip/room pron
2) Random degen jokes (especially those specifically referencing another poster - I think I got like 15 or something for the one where I made fun of all of Butler's hot buttons in one sentence.)
3) Cat GIFs

Actual constructive and helpful posts such as those by Atomiktoaster to get dealer buttons made for every set known to man, or BGinGA's endless tourney structures do not get you the love. So get out there and find those cat GIFs, son! (Or just take a whole bunch of pron of ridiculously amazing chips - that works too...)

Hey...what are trophy points??

.449 slugging percentage (since you can get multiple likes in one post). I promise to like the guy who posts how to compute batting averages (posts that received likes/total posts) without having the manually count duplicate likes in posts.

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